Tokolos likes “free”ways.

Entrance to the N1 from Cape Town CBD

N2 meets M3 - Hospital Bend

"Only God Knows Gagaline"

Remember Marikana at Top-Deck (Cape Town Train Station)

Let us unite to stop DA and ANC racism against blacks

"Vote the POWER. Get free lack of education"

On why voting brings you nothing but provides legitimacy to those in power.

The Unemployed People’s Movement has a small office in a run-down part of Grahamstown’s CBD. There is a wealth of political stenciling and art in the area.

Did those who came to the Grahamstown National Arts Festival take note of these important works?

Illegal art at the Grahamstown National Arts Festival:

We Love Art
Down with the System
Stay Blaq - Push umzabalazo
Not yet uhuru
Toyi Toyi
Qina Mhlali
Organise Yourself
Coca Cola Is a Lie

StoreAll sign on Nelson Mandela Blvd

Blurry night-time photos at Athlone Stadium

* Rainbow Nation FOR WHAT?
* 20 Years of Freedom FOR WHAT?
* All happy go lucky democracy murals must be challanged!
* 1994 changed fokol!

The tokolos took aim at a range of subjects on some bus stops in Athlone.

Don’t forget that the ANC + the DA = Oppression

New Remember Marikana stencil on the N2 by Jan Smuts (Athlone).

Download this stencil and spray paint on various City locations and City of Cape Town government sites that work to dehumanise people.

The stencil is made up of images from the City of Cape Town’s new logo, razor wire, and an image of a surveillance camera.

While in #Gugulethu, Tokolos paid a visit to the Food and Allied Workers Union (FAWU) and gave them a reminder that their first allegiance should be to the workers and not the rich managers and rich politicians in the ANC.

Remember those killed by the ANC at Marikana.

The “PAC” graffiti was turned by a tokolos into “2-PAC” on Youth Day, 2014. Tokolos also added its signature remember marikana image.

The PAC was instrumental in organising the anti-pass campaign that lead to the protest in Sharpville and the eventual massacre by police.

Tupac Shakur was born yesterday the 16th of June (Youth Day) in 1971. He would have been 43 years old. His lyrics were influenced greatly by the Black Pathers (his mother was a member). In many ways, has a lot in common with South African youth of today who are the sons and daughters of those PAC and non-PAC members massacred at Sharpville as Tupac’s lyrics were often about the failure of the black struggle to succeed in changing the lives of poor blacks.

We know that both Sobukwe and Shakur would have a lot to say about the state massacre of poor black mineworkers at Marikana.