"Boycott Politics"

Political graffiti from Durban

The Marxist Geographer and former City Manager Dr Mike Sutcliffe is one of the most hated figures in Durban history.

Why? Just google his name and you will find that:

  • He likes to evict poor people
  • He likes to waste money on expensive projects for the rich
  • He likes to ban marches even though he has no right to do so.
  • He likes to give his friends tenders so they can get filthy rich while not providing services to the poor.
  • He was proven to be extremely corrupt.
  • Worst of all, he does all this in the name of helping the poor

Some smart ass renamed this street Dr Sutcliffe Inc. He really did run Durban like a business with scant regard for the poor.

The City of Cape Town’s World Design Capital people drew a weird image of a yellow person on a boat and put it on a wall in the trendy Fringe District (formerly part of District 6 before thousands of people not white enough for the government were forcibly removed). Now the WDC people are trying to make it even more trendy thereby gentrifying the area and making less and less friendly towards the City’s poor.

We think its pretty stupid to try to cover up a history and a current reality of eviction and oppression with yellow men on a boat.

So we added our own Cape Town logo to explain how we feel about it.

Nelson Mandela says “Remember Marikana”

"If Madiba says it, it must be true." - African Proverb

Woodstock remembers Marikana

Tokolos has a brand new stencil that has been placed right in front of Groote Schuur Hospital in Observatory. Based of the City’s new ugly machine-like wheel logo, the Tokolos Stencil Collective has fixed the logo.

The City is a dehumanisation zone which survives through exclusion and surveillance. We must fight to re-humanise our city.

Coke Is Blood From GazaGraffiti done on the wall of the Coca-cola Warehouse in Athlone Industrial Area in Cape Town.

Coke Is Blood From Gaza

Graffiti done on the wall of the Coca-cola Warehouse in Athlone Industrial Area in Cape Town.

Tokolos likes “free”ways.

Entrance to the N1 from Cape Town CBD

N2 meets M3 - Hospital Bend

"Only God Knows Gagaline"

Remember Marikana at Top-Deck (Cape Town Train Station)

Let us unite to stop DA and ANC racism against blacks

"Vote the POWER. Get free lack of education"

On why voting brings you nothing but provides legitimacy to those in power.

The Unemployed People’s Movement has a small office in a run-down part of Grahamstown’s CBD. There is a wealth of political stenciling and art in the area.

Did those who came to the Grahamstown National Arts Festival take note of these important works?

Illegal art at the Grahamstown National Arts Festival:

We Love Art
Down with the System
Stay Blaq - Push umzabalazo
Not yet uhuru
Toyi Toyi
Qina Mhlali
Organise Yourself
Coca Cola Is a Lie

StoreAll sign on Nelson Mandela Blvd